Point of Grace! Thomas Kinkade! Keychains!

So, if you click here regularly, which is a very select few of you I’m sure, you’ve likely noticed I haven’t written in a while. That’s because I’ve had another baby project I’ve been putting my time into lately, and it’s being debuted here:

Stuff Christians Like

You’ve likely seen this site, “Stuff White People Like.” It’s currently the #2 blog in the world among all those created using the WordPress software that this very blog is built upon, second only to the CNN News Tracker. It makes fun of racial stereotypes in a friendly, non-offensive way as to make you examine yourself and think, “Golly, I DO fit white cultural stereotypes!!” So two friends of mine and I got together to create our site, which takes that idea and puts a Christian spin on it, as each of us have found ourselves quite adept in Christian culture. So please, if you poke around here, poke around there more. It’s likely posts here may become less frequent, just because more of my creative juices will go towards the new project, so that’s a good reason to check it out. Read it, bookmark it, link to it, tell your friends, email it, whatever. And if you’ve got any suggestions or feedback for us, we welcome it. So go look there now.


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