Not Much, Just Chillin’

The title of this post refers to two things: first, it’s the book I’m currently reading, a required book for Youth Ministry majors at APU, two of which I lived with last year, and one of which loaned me the book. It’s about middle school culture, and much of what you read is really surprising– I’m only two thirds of the way through, and I already recommend it. Anyone who even slightly has the possibility of working with middle school kids– or heck, anyone who’s going to have a kid– should read this book, and understand middle schoolers– and even themselves– more. But I digress.

Not much, just chillin’. This is also the answer to a question I’ve been getting a lot lately. Namely, the question of “What are you doing now that school’s starting and you’re not going back?” And frankly, it’s only a half-true answer to the question. But it’s an easy answer, and it’s the fastest way to make the question go away. In all honesty, I’m doing a lot more than not much. Or at least it feels that way. I’m jobhunting. I never thought I’d feel this way, but more than anything, I want a full time job. But it’s a bit more specific than that. Because I could have one if I just wanted any full time job. I’ve posted my resume on Monster.com, and I already have had a few offers, and offers with decent pay, too.

The problem is that these offers are coming from companies and people that know the position I’m in. They know I’ve been out of college for a few months now, and I’ve still got a resume posted online, and they can sense that I’m getting desperate. And I’m not denying that I am getting desperate. Just not Enterprise Rent-A-Car desperate. But it’s still conflicting– do you take the guaranteed paycheck, the company that’s knocking on your door to have you work for them, no matter how pathetic they are, or do you wait it out, live without a real job for a few more months hoping that the job you’ve always wanted comes along and wants you just as much as you want it? This is a lot harder than deciding which Senior Sem to take.

There’s an anecdote in the book I’m reading (see: title of the post) that is supposed to illustrate the mindset of a typical seventh grader. The story goes that this girl goes to camp, and has a great time, despite the fact her best friend is in another cabin. She gets home, and her mom asks her, “How was camp?”

“Fine,” says the girl.

“How was your cabin?” asks mom.

“Fine,” she says again.

“How was Mia’s cabin?”


The point is that middle schoolers will always think they have it worse off than everyone else, and that they will always see their friends’ lives as better than their own. Honestly, if that’s the case, I feel like I’m in middle school again. At least my other friends who don’t have jobs are married, I think. At least they’ve got someone to go through it with.

“Hey Andy, how’s your life going?”


“How’s _________’s life going?”


Po’ little ol’ me. Po’ little ol’ me and my three job offers that I don’t want, while the unemployment rate is 4.7%, and all those people would kill to work for Enterprise. I guess life’s not that bad.


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