Welcome To Out Of The Bubble

We’re glad you’re reading. Here’s what this is: it’s a forum– a forum to demonstrate a point of view that I, for four years as an APU student, never considered– that being the point of view of the APU grad who, like myself, still experiences the APU world, but experiences it much differently by not being a student. I won’t go to class anymore, I won’t read The Clause, I won’t fill out chapel cards with my ID number, and I won’t eat at the caf, unless it’s as a visitor and I want to pay seven dollars for it. Now APU isn’t home, it’s just this unavoidable place that has a tremendous effect on the town in which I now live. There’s a handful of us for which this experience rings true, and hopefully we’ll be bringing you a number of different points of view here on the blog, along with the occasional smattering of opinionated-yet-unrelated chatter. How will our views of APU change? How will our views of Azusa change? And will any of us actually be able to get jobs? Come back and read–and tell us what you think–and maybe we’ll go somewhere with this.


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